Magic Carpet

For my beautiful friends, Brigid Watson & Gulsun Gul,
what were we looking at again?

“Magic Carpet”
Photo Montage of soul friends
B, GG & PEK in 2000
at Brigid’s Studio
Boston, U.S.A.
by PEK

Brigid’s work still remains one of the greatest influences on my own art journey. I met Brigid when I was desiring to find my own voice through painting. She opened a world for me in painting, and beyond painting. She opened for me art beyond anything and most of all, the love and friendship of a dear friend during one of the most difficult trials of my life. That trial where I had decided to leave one world and into another. Brigid had navigated for me the unknown that I would never have dared to ride on my own, had it not been for our laughters, giggles, and deeply philosophical, intellectual and heartful questionings, gatherings and dreams. GG and I found ourselves in the same place. Same place of transition. And the same place of discovering what an amazing place transition is. Heartbreaking, but necessary. Never a place of judgment. Every time, one of love. Only love. Always love.


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