The Spirit of the Horse by Joann Ting

“The Spirit of the Horse”
Ceramics Pot
by Joann Ting

The Spirit of the Horse by Joann Ting.jpg

This pot painted with the Chinese Zodiac glazed in blue was done to commemorate the Year of the Horse in 2014.

The Horse symbolises enthusiasm and energy, gives people an impression of independence and integrity. Its spirit is recognised to the people’s ethos – making unremitting efforts to improve themselves with passion and diligence.

Learning pottery it seems has brought forth all the above mentioned qualities since I started meddling with clay 5 years ago!

The Spirit of the Horse” is available for private and public collection. All proceeds from the sale of the said artwork, net of Paypal and other necessary service, administrative and delivery charges, shall be donated by the artists to Rumah Charis. Delivery within Singapore only. This is in support of caring homes for the elderly and children.

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