The Singapore Rose by Nivi Jaswal


Nivi Jaswal, on why she makes art:
I express, therefore I am. Art is therapy for my soul and its an expression of where I have been, where I am and where I want to go. Its an expression of equally dreams fulfilled and dreams shattered — an expression of unleashing the beauty that lies in experiences that led to joy and those others that were lessons, painfully learned. When I look at color, it reaches out to me like tongues of a flame, wanting to engulf me a trance where I can meditate and look into the inner recesses of my mind and my heart. It takes me to a place where I can listen carefully and mindfully to silence. Its my safe haven yet its also my playground and its the unleashing of my intensity – including anger. Within my art and my creative expression, I hope to lend every emotion a safe ambience to express itself in its naked form — no emotion holds labels of negative and positive, light and dark. Every emotion can just be. It is my hope that by creating acceptance for all my emotions, I create and craft an unconditional acceptance of me. And, through me – of others. In the mingling of color, the stroke of brush and nib, in the change of texture when water and oil touch the surface of plain, stretched canvas, in the smell of linseed and the waft floating out of just opened ink — in all of this and more, my soul finds love, hope, faith and peace.

For Ni Art Week,
she presents “The Singapore Rose” collection,
between 2014-2016,
for Room 36:
The Strangest Encounter
Inside This White Cube

1. Duality

Acrylic on Canvas
by Nivi Jaswal
The Pair That Lies Within
The chaste and the charmer, the one that despairs and the one that dances in ecstasy, one that blooms and shines like a crazy diamond while the other that sulks in gloomy darkness; one that dances in the rain and the other that hides out seeking impossible refuge. This artwork is dedicated to the “pair” that lies within us – the tug of war between them, the two faces that each of us have.

2. Peace! in God’s (several) Names

Colored Pencils and Pens on Paper

by Nivi Jaswal
Peace! in God’s (several) Names
Depicting herein are 5 major religions of the world: Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism – and the artist’s favorite quotes and symbols from each. The path to the One is well, just One — we give it various shades, hues, sounds and symbols, yet the underlying purpose is just one: Peace.

3. Expressions of my Inner Buddha and the non-Buddha

“The Buddha”
Paper stencils, Spray paint, Acrylic and Water color on Paper
by Nivi Jaswal

The Inner Buddha and the non-Buddha

This artwork was inspired by the Shinto temples in Japan. The Buddha and the un-Buddha lies in all of us, the key is to spot Him and nurture the one we want to base our life’s story upon. This artwork reflects two paths of our own choosing and frequently, of our own inner conflict. The paper stencils reflect the layers amongst which the Buddha and the un-Buddha are entwined, each merging into the other and that’s what makes our Mortal path so adventurous.

4. Lakshmi

Water color and pens on Paper
by Nivi Jaswal
Lady Prosperity’s Conch-shell

Praise be to Goddess Lakshmi, the harbinger of prosperity and wealth.

5. Ganesha 

Water color and pens on Paper
by Nivi Jaswal
Auspicious Beginnings

Praise be to Lord Ganesha, the lord of Auspicious Beginnings.

6. Pink Rose

“Pink Rose”
Acrylic and Oil color on Canvas
by Nivi Jaswal
Pink Rose by NIvi Jaswal.jpg
Swirling in Pink

In the simplicity of these pink swirls lie twists and bends of acrylic meeting oil, with two different brushes – one for white and one for pink. Like a bud, it starts out tight and then swirls get bolder, almost like the sea in a full-blown tempest OR like a rose in full bloom — looking its most perfect, just before a gust of wind starts to take its petals away – one after the other.

Pink Rose” is available for private and public collection. All proceeds from the sale of the said artwork, net of Paypal and other necessary service, administrative and delivery charges, shall be donated by the artist to Perak Women for Women Society. Delivery within Singapore only. This is in support of women empowerment.

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7. The Key and the Kite

“The Key and the Kite”
Acrylic and Oil color on Canvas
by Nivi Jaswal
The Key & the Kite.jpg
Yearnings of an Immortal Soul

The immortal Soul, trapped in a spider web of mortal woe and temptation yearns to fly – like a kite in a clear blue sky, like a bird that perches unfettered on any branch it likes. The immortal soul is like a flame that seeks to rid itself of its mortal shroud and hunts desperately for a key that opens its lock. That leads it into a garden full of flowers and leaves with dew on them from which it can quench its thirst for love, knowledge and understand its own divinity.

8. God’s Most Favorite Angel

“God’s Most Favorite Angel”
Acrylic and Oil color on Canvas
by Nivi Jaswal
God's Most Favourite Angel by Nivi Jaswal.jpg
The beautiful unfinished one

God’s most favorite angels are the ones he sent to Earth “unfinished” – This little angel just hatched from its egg; He is a sunny yellow and has bright blue feathers. He can’t fly and he may not ever fly or coo — as the “normals” on this planet expect him to. But in God’s eyes, he is the most “Perfect, Imperfect”. His unfinished exterior hides an untouched, unsullied innocence which will never be lost.

9. “Shrishti” – My Mosaic


Water color, colored pencils and pens on Cardboard
by Nivi Jaswal

Shrishti.jpg “Shrishti” – my personal universe
Imagine shattered glass. Fill those shards with color. Colors that have made you and broken you; colors that remind you of love and those that remind of you of pain. Over eight months of labor into “Shrishti” – my own universe, my personal mosaic.


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