EdCamp Singapore #1

“EdCamp Singapore #1”
a living community documentation
exploring the creative, compassionate & collaborative
multitudes of education & learning 

by EduRetreat Singapore – Vashima Goyal
with Himal Ruparel, Manju Nair, Kenneth Ngo & Peng-Ean Khoo,
joined by Chong Yilin
 and the inaugural EdCampers of Singapore
India, Malaysia, Singapore

With our “EdCamp Singapore FB Page

With a special reflection by Manju Nair, “EdCamp 2016 – Mostly a Child’s Perspective

Exploration of Collaborative Learning on Padlet lead hosted by Chong Yilin at “Collaborators of EdCamp Singapore“. If you’d like to know more about EdCamp Singapore and/or participate on “Collaborators of EdCamp Singapore’, kindly write to chongyilin@gmail.com.


Transformative Learning

I think I understood this today. It is when a switch inside us flips itself from despair and anguish to hope, sorrow to joy, loneliness to I am not alone. From I can’t to I can. From nothing I do can make a difference to I am the difference. From doing good is an option to doing great is a necessity.

Transformation creeps up behind us. It is when we understand our sacred humility, that the other stops being frightening and is embraced as our friend.

When the old structure is no longer perceived as small. When the old structure is no longer perceived as old. When the new is no longer perceived as new. When all is seen as is. As it always has been. When our perceptions are seen, then we understand that transformation has always been and will always be.

When change is understood as continuation. When choices are understood to be our bridges, to each other. And to our own inner place of courage. When identity is no longer fragmented nor integrated, but simply no longer as relevant to our perception of being.

-Peng-Ean Khoo, after participating in the Inaugural EdCamp 2016

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